Broward College North Campus

1050 Coconut Creek Blvd., Bldg. 60
Coconut Creek, Florida 33066

For more information or to book the Omni Auditorium,
please call (954) 201-2233.


The stage floor is 75'x40' and is made of tongue-and-groove maple wood finished in natural oak. The actual acting area within the soft goods is 40'x30'. The deck is elevated 4' above the orchestra seating area. The stage manager's console is located stage left. Clear-Com patch bays are located both stage left and stage right, which allow communication with the sound and lighting booth, as well as the spotlight positions when needed.

Two elevated loading docks leading directly onto the stage area are located behind the stage in the rear parking lot for your convenience. One dock leads to the scene shop through a 15'x15' roll-up door. The second dock leads into a rehearsal room with stage access.

Audio System

Omni Auditorium offers an integrated professional sound reinforcement system designed with industry-standard equipment to provide high-quality, full-range sound reproduction to suit the needs of most typical events.

The main house system consists of left and right speaker arrays that can be moved on the main floor. Each array consists of two ETA LA 325 three-way speaker enclosures and a JARL SR4719 dual 18" subwoofer. The auditorium also has a back fill array consisting of three JARL 4735 speaker enclosures mounted in a suspended cluster. All speaker enclosures are powered by Crown Audio amplifiers.

The house mixing console is a Yamaha MG 332/14 FUL and offers 16 balanced XLR stage inputs and eight wireless microphone receivers. Four auxiliary sends are used to provide four independent stage monitor mixes.

All audio equipment is located and operated from a central booth located house right midway, about 20' above the main floor. The auditorium also has a portable rack fitted with two professional dual CD players and a mixer to provide even more options for setup applications.


Omni Auditorium is a multi-purpose facility, a perfect choice for a variety of events. Examples of the events held in the Broward College's Omni Auditorium include:

  • Banquets
  • Beauty Pageants
  • Concerts
  • Dance Competitions
  • Dinner Events
  • Graduations
  • Job Fairs
  • Music Recitals
  • Plays
  • Trade Shows

Fly System

The fly system is of double-purchase configuration, consisting of 23 line sets. Each batten is 56' in length. The line sets are occupied with travelers front and rear, a front adjustable teaser, a white rear scrim, four sets of legs, four sets of borders and four dedicated electrics. Three line sets are set aside for general purpose hanging. The operator's pin rail is located 10' above stage left. Trim height is 20' above the stage floor. Maximum load weight per batten is 900 lbs. (1,800 lbs. per arbor).

Soft Goods

  • Dead hung valance, maroon velour
  • Adjustable front teaser, maroon velour
  • House curtain/main rag, maroon velour
    • (operates as a traveler or guillotine)
  • Borders, legs and rear traveler, black velour